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Research Article
Quality of Life and Health-Related Quality of Life Among End-Stage Kidney Disease Patients: Testing the Concepts and Assessing the Measures
Waleed Al-Rajhi, Issa Al Salmi
Review Article
Development of a Human Pluripotency Sensor for Real-Time Cell Imaging and Biomedical Applications
Myung Rae Park, Young-Tae Chang, Jeong Beom Kim
Research Article
Sexual Dysfunction in Women who are Human Papillomavirus Positive
Orkun Ilgen, Sefa Kurt, Hakan Kula, Murat Celiloglu
Review Article
Production of Fungal Laccase from Beer Industry Waste and Its Application in Biodegradation of Pesticides
Khandelwal Sharad Ratan, Baviskar Jayashree Waman, Kimaya Manoj Bomblay, Manas Santosh Maind
Mini Review
Uncommon Manifestations of Common Vascular Disease in the Elderly
Aparna Vancheswaran, Sateesh Babu
Case Report
Ewing Sarcoma/Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors in the Mediastinum: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Bo Han, Chenghua Zhu, Xiaoqin Weng, Qiang Du, Jingning Liu
Research Article
Do the Oncologists Systematically follow Treatment Recommendations and Protocol Adaptations Suggested by prior Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in Older Patients with Colorectal Cancer?
Chermette M, Diaz L, Farcet A, Rinaldi Y, Gigout J, Barriere N, Julien C, Dominici P, Grino M, Frédérique Retornaz
Research Article
Validation of an Empathy Film with Health Care Students
Jessie Janssen, Christoph Zenzmaier, Sun Sun Yap, Philipp Österreicher, Patrick Simon, Claudia Wenzel, Paul Kaufmann, Susanne Perkhofer, Gerhard Tucek