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Research Article
Minding Mental Health in Times of COVID-19
Shivali Aggarwal, Mohit Sharma, Naveen Anand
Technical Note
Laser Visualization of Bullet Paths
Vecellio M
Research Article
Effect of Addition of Sesame Seeds on Physiochemical Quality of Mudaffara Cheese during Storage
Farah NAM, El Zubeir IEM
Review Article
HOX Genes and Cancer Stem Cells: Update on HOX expression, DNA Methylation, Biomarker Status, and Genetic Changes in Colorectal Cancer
Brian Osmond#, Chi Zhang#1,, Vu Dinh, Bruce M Boman1,2,3,, Caroline O B Facey
Research Article
E. coli BL21 Bacterial and Newcastle Pestikal lasota Viral Ghosts Preparation, DNA/RNA Elimination/Purification/Isolation/ Quantification Using Agarose Gel Entrapment Bubble Method
Amro Abd Al Fattah Amara
Research Article
Attitudes and Perceptions of Naloxone Administration Among Chronic Pain Patients and First Responders: Implications for Research and Practice
Valerie Hruschak, Corinne Beaugard, Daniel Rosen
Research Article
Prospects for THz Therapy: Effective treatment of Affections Caused by COVID-19
NT Bagraev, PA Golovin, VS Khromov, LE Klyachkin1,, AM Malyarenko1,, VA Mashkov, BA Novikov, AP Presnukhina, AS Reukov, KB Taranets
Short Communication
An Argentinian Proposal: Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Convalescent Plasma and Dexamethasone in Covid-19. Could be a Triple Strategy Effective for the Treatment of Severe Pneumonia Complications?
Matias Cristian Fernández Viña, Roberto Fernández Viña1,4,, Liliana Camozzi1,4,, Matías Iván Spitaleri1,4,, Lorenzo Fernández Viña