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Review Article
Artificial Nerve Conduits with Stem Cell Transplantation used for Bridging a Long Nerve Gap: A Review of Experimental Studies in Rats
Ryosuke Kakinoki, Yukitoshi Kaizawa, Hiroki Tanaka, Masao Akagi
Short Review
Feasibility and Outcome of Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant with Post-Transplantation Cyclophosphamide in High-Risk Malignancies in Children
Angela Maria Trujillo, Amado J Karduss, Gloria Suarez
Research Article
Personalized Preventive Care for Patients at Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke
Brant Morefield, Lisa Tomai, Andrea Klemes
Lessons Learned with an HIV Youth Advisory Board- Conversations Eight Years Later
Judith B. Cornelius
Clinical Research
Atopic Dermatitis and Breast Feeding/Weaning: Are they Related?
Mario Magaña, Horacio Reyes-Vázquez, Janitizia Vázquez-Mellado
Research Article
Demonstration and Evlauation of Enset Corm (Ensete venrticosum) Based Oxen Fattening in Kachabira and Lemu Districts, Southern Ethiopia
Deribe Gemiyo, Zekarias Bassa, Tesfaye Alemu
Research Article
Hemiepiphysiodesis via the Bowen Method for Genu Valgum in Adolescents
Kevin Monahan, Hanel Watkins Eberly, Tommy Pan, John Anagnostakos, Andrew Konopitski, William L Hennrikus
Ultra-Processed Foods, Nutrition and Pregnancy: Characteristics of Food Consumption by HIV-Positive Women during Pregnancy
Clarissa De Oliveira Agostini, Ester Zoche, Rafaela Da Silveira Corrêa, Eunice Beatriz Martins Chaves, Helena Von Eye Corleta, Vera Lúcia Bosa